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Motorola RAZR HD The Review. a day in the hands of a maniac…

Motorola are launching a new offensive on the fast emerging 4G LTE handset market with a masterpiece of design and function, the Kevlar and glass wrapped RAZR HD. With the rich heritage of the RAZR family it was only a matter of time till Motorola got the formula right once again, randomly changing design has that effect.

The sleek design, smooth ICS interface and incredible speed of 4G combine into the perfect storm of a handset. This phone may be even better than the original RAZR flip phones.

In the Technoid Labs here at Highpants we were lucky enough to receive a brand new RAZR HD for testing this week. This was the first unboxing in quite a while that had a crowd gathering, generating many oww ahhh moments. The RAZR HD was quickly put into service, first impressions universally concluded that this is one sharp looking and sleek handset.

In the 4G handset market the iPhone 5 has quickly taken position as the number one handset while the Samsung SIII has taken the 3G market by storm, and these are just two of the fierce competitors in the mobile phone handset market. HTC have been providing 4G LTE handsets from the outset, they now have high end 4G models; the One X and One X HD are HTC’s super phones. LG has their new Optimus G super phone as well. The handset market has to be one of the most competitive and fast changing markets in the world, a tough battlefield.

At the moment Motorola has a serious chance to win market share through the shakeup that is the 4G transition, if they have the right weapon, which the RAZR HD may just be.

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The ARCHOS GamePad. The First ICS Android Handheld Gaming Console, without the Phone…

New Android gaming hardware seems to appear every week. ARCHOS, legendary media device and tablet designers also have a new gaming device to introduce the world to, The Android GamePad. Finally delivering real game controls to Android tablet based devices. ARCHOS set out to simply provide better gaming controls to Android and along the way produced the first Android based handheld gaming console.

With the gaming control standards present, dual analogue sticks, dual 4 way pads and a plethora of function buttons, Android gaming is coming of age.

“When Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, was first released they included game controller support within the framework and that is when we decided to build the GamePad,” says Henri Crohas, ARCHOS Founder and CEO.

Internally the GamePad’s hardware includes a dual core CPU, quad core GPU along with 7 inch capacitive touch screen display. Putting the GamePad a generation behind the latest smartphones. Although the hardware is about what you would expect for a mid-range Android tablet.

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