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Oshkosh Short Take-off and Landing Display, Spectacular.

Each year beginning on the last Monday in July aircraft enthusiasts jump into their experimental flying machines and head to Oshkosh Wisconsin to take part in the air-show especially for those that love to fly. More than a fly-by air-show Oshkosh sees many people who build their own aircraft compete in friendly competitions to test their creations and piloting skills.

The Short Take-off and Landing (STOL) competition is one of the most spectacular competitions held at the event. Featuring light weight modified aircraft designed to land and take-off in remote locations without runways. The abilities of these pilots and their incredible flying machines at times seems almost unnatural. With large amounts of lift generated by the modified wings and extremely powerful engines these planes almost seem to hover at times.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the amazing bush pilots of Oshkosh, able to take off in the blink of an eye and land on a postage stamp. Sit back relax and remember to keep your air sickness bag within easy reach.

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