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American Astronomical Society

Solar Flare Cycle MIA, Solar Slumber…

Ever since the first caveman was forced to get out of bed early the Sun’s cycles have been of studied with interest. From the timings of our daily lives to the coming of Santa each year the Sun’s timing permeates every part of our lives.

Scientists recently met to discuss the 11 year solar flare cycle. Meeting in New Mexico for the American Astronomical SocietyAAS – Solar Physics Conference, 320 scientists gathered to compare notes, share information and generally schmooze about the Sun.

Tuesday – 14.06.2011 – the scientist announced their findings and predictions for the next solar cycle. It looks like jumpers and scarfs are in and speedos are out, solar flare activity between 2013 and 2024 may be almost completely absent. The impact of this sustained level of low solar flare activity is still being debated with effects ranging from another mini ice-age, slight mitigation of global warming to some that expect zero impact on the Earths weather.

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