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The Simpsons 500th Episode, 500 Episodes of Hilarity…

Our favorite four fingered family, The Simpsons, have reached another milestone. On Sunday the 19th The Simpsons aired their 500th episode, “Long Last Leave”, Episode 14 of Series 23 to be precise. Since first airing December 17, 1989 the Simpsons have gone on to become an an institution of hilarity. Springfield’s all over America have never been the same.

Executive Producer James L. Brooks said “I think it’s the flexibility of these characters. They can do any kind of comedy anyone ever thought of, from farce to reality. For a long time, we didn’t want to deal with the fact we could do anything we wanted. There were no sets, no past, no future. The first group of years was spent not taking advantage of any of that. Then we started letting it in.”

Opening with the ultimate montage of the funniest moments, the intro to the show lets you know, this is the 500th Episode. Also reminding us just how long the Simpsons have been a part of our lives. This was after-all one of the first cartoons to appeal to all age groups and demographics.

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