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Is Titanium Bulletproof?

In my years on this planet I have come to learn that not everyone has a favorite metal, I do it’s Titanium and it is the best. Famous for being strong, lightweight and impervious to rust, like its Titan namesake, there is also another side to Titanium. When polished by an artisan jeweller this amazing alloy has an almost holographic blue sheen but it is notoriously difficult to work with and expensive so this side is not often seen. Of course claiming something is the best without any supporting evidence is a life of fantasy so its time for a firepower stress test thanks to those gun crazy YouTubers over at Demolition Ranch.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the face off between a one and a quarter inch thick block of industrial Titanium and the best weapons the Ranch could muster, and they save the best for last. Sit back relax and prepare to see the sparks fly.

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FullMag’s Tacti-Cool Uncorking, Opening a Champagne Bottle with a 50 Cal…

Please when celebrating the New Year don’t use this technique for opening a champagne bottle, it is an incredible party trick but a 50 Cal bullet is unstoppable. It will go through the bottle, your house, you neighbours house, his car and just keep on going. Capable of destroying armoured vehicles this bullet is relentless.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are FullMag’s tactical preparations for New Years. A stunning slow motion video that demonstrates what a soft touch combined with brute force can achieve. Sit back, relax and let the bubbly flow free and confetti rain down.

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