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Turning Your Smartphone into a 3D Holographic Projector, Stunningly Simple.

Bringing photons to life in a stunning 3D holographic display has till now been then the domain of men in white coats with immensely powerful lasers and a myriad of mirrors. Typically not something that we all have access to and let’s face it not many of us could get away with it in our living rooms.

Holograms however don’t need to be that complicated, there is an easy way that anyone can do and the results are simply stunning. YouTuber MrWhosTheBoss has put together a little DIY tutorial that will show anyone how to build the simple Holographic projector with a few bits of clear plastic and some sticky tape.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the DIY tutorial that will lead to hours of oows and ahhs in your living room. Sit back relax and prepare to amaze your friends and family with the Star Wars display made from spare plastic and sticky tape.

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The Weather Channels 3D Tornado Simulator is Incredible.

Weatherman Jim Cantore recently emerged from the Weather Channels research facilities to amaze the world with ‘The Labs’ 3D Tornado simulator. The Lab itself is described as an interactive augmented reality weather presentation facility, it is in reality a television studio filled with next generation production and display technology.

The first video to use the Labs interactive visualization technology to its fullest is the ‘3D Visualization of the Anatomy of a Tornado’ which demonstrates the inner workings of a twister in never before seen levels of detail. The second video Anatomy of a Lightning Strike is equally as impressive.

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The Center Bar 3D LED Display at the SLS Las Vegas…

Las Vegas is the adult’s only city of lights that will entertain and amaze all visitors. Although this does make trying to capture the attention of new visitors to Las Vegas an ever increasing challenge for the hotels and casinos that call Vegas home.

The SLS Hotel (formerly the Sahara) has many such attention catching sights; the LED display floating above the Centre Bar is one such sight that is sure to amaze. Floating above the bar and visible to all who walk into the hotel is the golden 3D face animation, a display that attracts endless streams of viewers.

Designed and built by Daktronics the golden face is actually part high tech display and part optical illusion, a forced perspective display that is only visible from just the right angle. The installation uses 2.1 million colour LED’s spaced at 6mm intervals to create a seemingly 3D animation. Unlike an LED cube the Daktoniks installation actually places the LED’s around the inside surface of the clear box that contains it.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is one of the many amazing sights that visitors to Las Vegas can enjoy. A stunning execution of technology matched with artistic talent in order to produce an awesome high-tech display. Sit back, relax and prepare to be amazed by LED’s.

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The Canon Pixus Gundam Project, all sorts of cool in forced perspective 3D…

To demonstrate the amazing print quality of their Pixus inkjet printers Canon has put together a series of incredibly cool Gundam characters to print, characters that seem to spring to life. The optical illusion of the final output looks odd initially but it’s really impressive with a convincing feeling of depth when viewed from just the right angle.

For fans of Gundam and optical illusions Canon have the characters on their promo website, there is a lot of click guessing involved but it’s well worth it.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the Canon video that will trick you mind for just a moment, proving just how effective these forced perspective optical illusions can be. Sit back, relax and remember that the printer is mightier than the Gundam sword.

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LG’s New Dream Screens, IPS6 Cinema 3D Monitors…

LG is set to introduce their latest display technology at CES 2012. The DM92 is LG’s new baby, with a 27″ IPS panel surrounded by a super sexy 1mm bezel. Almost looking edge to edge the panel fills the screen. The IPS technology used in new range of monitors guarantees the brightest colors and widest viewing angles. LG’s new IPS panels will be showcased in four new series of monitors that will cover the gamut of options and price ranges. All models are 3D enabled with one model being optimized for 3D. All also offer the full range of PC and Multimedia inputs to allow the monitors to do double duty. This latest generation of IPS panel also off 25% better power efficiency so we can all enjoy the extra color and still be helping the planet.

The quality and technological superiority of LG’s 3D display products are second to none, according to the findings of internationally renowned research organizations and respected media outlets,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company. “The 2011 IPS monitor line-up shows LG’s commitment to further build upon on this reputation and technological prowess in order to provide consumers with the most immersive home entertainment experience possible.”

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B-Squares – Snap Together Gadgets…

B-Squares, a small gadget idea with big possibilities. Designed by MIT grads Jordan McRae and Shawn Frayne this is the kind of idea that feels kind of world changing. At it’s heart the B-Square system consists of a number of different types of building blocks – Squares – that can snap together to form different gadgets. Currently 6 Squares have been designed and prototyped, Solar, LED display, Battery (3 AAA), iPhone doc and a processor square called the Proto Square. A sound square is also in the works. Described as a 3D modular electronics system different Squares can are snapped together to form simple gadgets; iPhone solar charger, alarm clock, lamp, portable power. Truly brilliant though is the fact that as more Squares are developed and released new possibilities open up. The duo plans on releasing the Sound Square , an iPhone playback doc in the not so distant future.

All of the squares are a flat square panel with magnetic corners allowing the various squares to snap together. The magnet corners also do double duty as a point of contact for power and communications between the Squares, eliminating the need for plugs and connectors. The demonstration video on Kickstarter shows a solar array powering a large wall clock, charger arrays iPhone radio and many other ingenious combinations, its a must watch video.

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