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ASUS Transformer Infinity, Full Hi-Def Tablet Glory….

ASUS, battling for the portable computing market continues to set the standard in Android tablets. Samsung, Acer and now even Google are all amongst ASUS’s top competitors, all fighting to get tablets into consumers hands.

The latest Transformer, the Infinity, will be ASUS’s top of the line model when it’s released on July 16 in the US. With it’s brilliantly clear and bright Super IPS+ display capable of 1920x 1200 resolution, the fastest Tegra 3 chipset yet and a brand new 8-megapixel camera, the Infinity is shooting to be the new King of Android tablets. The new weapon of choice for road-warriors around the world.

As with all Transformer models the Infinity can be purchased with its utilitarian docking keyboard. Converting the Infinity into a laptop with dimensions that would make an Ultrabook envious. On it’s own the Infinity is one of the sleekest Android tablets on the market, with the keyboard attached it becomes the most powerful Android notebook available.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, The Super Stylised Finger Friendly Tablet…

Samsung’s immensely popular Galaxy tablet family are due for an upgrade, a true successor to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 not just a tweak to the existing hardware. With rumours circulating and demonstrations to quiet the impatient masses Samsung’s latest slab of fantastic draws near.

Initially set for a June release, Samsung has had a number of difficulties that have slowed the development process, pushing the release date out to Q3 2012. No word on pricing from Samsung but expect it to be leading edge expensive.

February saw Samsung preview the pre-release systems at Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. While the demonstration model was a fully working tablet the hardware it contained was pure current generation, taken from the current Tab 10.1.

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