swivelCard, the Smart Business Card with USB and Remote Access…

For those of us that need a business card with more swivelCard comes to the rescue. Fold the swivelCard just right and it turns into a USB drive with 1MB of storage and a hyperlink to your profile page.

Turn it over to snapshot the QR code or hold it near your smartphone and NFC supplied on board passes your personal details over. The multi-talented swivelCard can even be accessed via traditional eye ball technology.

Control of your business card doesn’t stop once its been handed out either. This talented little card can be tracked and remotely accessible with full analytics, even allowing remote updating of the cards information. The Kickstarter project is hoping to raise money to improve these aspects of the card, adding more advanced analytics and improved software experience.

Kickstarting its way to success the swivelCard is the little card with big ideas and it looks to be taking off. With 25 days left swivelCard has already passed the their goal of $10,000 by a long way, passing $60,000 this week. The team are aiming to release the first batch of swivelCards during October this year. The cards cost $289 for 200 cards and smaller batch options are available. Mini card packs are also available with prices ranging from $29 to $79.

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