Surfing The Corona, The Sun Surfing UFO…

The NASA Satellite SOHO has once again captured footage of highly strange sights near our Sun. The 24th of April started of as any other day for SOHO’s Lasco C2 camera, little did it know the controversy it would stir. Recorded at 08:12 am by Lasco C2 was an object unusual enough to capture the attention of UFO Sceptics and believers alike.

Captured surfing within the Corona of the Sun is what appears to be a mechanical craft, made of disparate parts the craft is enormous and impervious to the effects of the Sun’s intense radiation. Surfing the Sun’s Corona may not be the typical surf destination but SOHO seems to have captured an unusual craft doing just that.

Included for you viewing pleasure are two video’s of the mysterious craft, highlighting the similar sighting on October 27th, 2011. Joe Satriani’s Surfing With The Alien has been included for nostalgia’s sake, enjoy. See the footage, stare in wonder, Surf With The Aliens. UFO or high energy particles interfering with the sensor?

Hailed as proof of alien visitors, many within the UFO community are convinced this is an intelligently controlled craft. Since first making an appearance on YouTube the video has been doing brisk trade with half a million views in 5 days. Subsequently causing quite a buzz in the mainstream media.

Skeptics are claiming that many such artifacts that are the produced by high energy particles causing distortion when hitting SOHO’s sensors. Indeed there are many bits of interference present in SOHO’s video’s, many video’s are available on NASA’s SOHO website to see the effect that is being blamed.

Strangely this isn’t the first time this object has been seen surfing the sun’s corona. SOHO also captured images of a very similar craft on October 27, 2011. With almost identical shape and structure, the fact that object has appeared twice may dispel the possibility of the objects being caused by random high energy particles striking Lasco C2’s CCD.

Mainstream media organisations have been reporting the strange sighting. The Daily Mail Online reported that “A strange object flying close to the sun looks unnervingly like a huge, metallic ‘mothership’ familiar from Hollywood blockbusters. The picture was released by NASA’s sun-watching Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, known as SOHO – and has become an immediate cult hit on the internet.”

The Huffington Post put it’s two cents worth in by asking the nearest expert, “The streaks in question are consistent with energetic particle (proton) impacts on the CCD, something which is apparent in just about every image,” Nathan Rich, of the NRL’s – Naval Research Laboratory – solar physics branch, told the website. Going on to say “These artifacts do not persist from image to image,” Rich added, which suggests the cosmic streaks can explain what UFO proponents are hoping turns out to be an extraterrestrial craft. A cosmic ray burst on the camera may also account for the ‘boom arm’ that seems to be attached to the hinged ‘spacecraft’.”

While Gather News pose the question “But how does that explain the fact that this same UFO was spotted twice and 6 months apart? These so-called random particles should be just that. How can they be random if they look exactly the same? “

Recently there have been a number of pieces of footage captured by solar observing satellites that suggest at the very least we have much to learn at about the Sun or the other extreme might suggest intelligent life doing strange things impossibly close to the Sun.

With each new solar observatory satellite we launch new lessons are there to be learned. It is only natural that these new instruments would reveal new mysteries for us to discover and solve. One of those mysteries may indeed be the mystery of Life. Is it out there, everywhere?

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