Studio C Mother Power and Inventors, the Democratization of Laughter…

The internet has given the world access to hilarious sketch comedy that in the distant past would have been limited to local and national audiences. Studio C has taken advantage of this modern democratising of laughter to share their funny brand of sketch comedy with anyone who has an internet connection.

For the last few years Studio C have consistently generated laugh out loud moments and now the world is starting to catch on. Scott Sterling the legendary goal keeper may be one of their most popular skits but it isn’t the only completely hilarious bit by the Studio.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are two more hilarious skits that will make a laugh addict out of us all. Mother Power will make you chuckle to the beat while Inventors demonstrates the truth of the creative process for those who have built our world. Sit back, relax and make sure you have your stretchy laughter pants on.

Scott Sterling Extra

Reference: Studio C Website (for complete episodes)
Reference: Studio C YouTube Channel