Unexplained Footage. Strange things that cross the street, Teleportation Man in action…

A controversial video from China is creating a buzz around the internet. The video titled ‘ CCTV camera captured Teleportation in China – September 2012’ purports to show unedited security camera footage that captures a most unusual and spectacular sequence of events.

The video presents a quiet scene, the security camera view of a non-descript intersection at night time in China, but it could be anywhere in the world. At first a few cars zip through the intersection, a truck appears in the distance, slowly growing larger as it approaches. A motorbike then enters from the left, on a collision course with an unstoppable force. Watch the video for what happens next.

Was Jackie Chan filming in the area at the time, we can’t confirm that but we can confirm that Chinese security cameras captured something strange going down the street in China.

It appears not all corners of China are constant hustle and bustle of activity. This particular corner is quiet then fast.

Watching the video frame by frame, or in slow-mo, you could quickly build a convincing case for the video; the camera has captured something very unusual. If the video is real the tricycle rider must have a guardian angel, whether high tech or supernatural in nature, that was one lucky escape.

Far more than simple point to point teleportation the real life super hero in this case appears to be traveling at hyper speeds, as well as being able to teleport himself and others. With a strange Tron like blue glow could Teleportation Man be the wearer of a super secret high tech body suit?

Watch in the background as both Teleportation Man and the tricycle, complete with rider, first disappear from in front of the truck and reappear appear out of a ring of fire. Teleportation Man doesn’t just save lives and dash either, not like other superheros. Instead he can be seen checking on the lucky individual spared a visit from the reaper, and then, TM simply wonders off, exit stage right.

Making the situation even more interesting is the fact that these aren’t the first Teleportation in China headlines in recent times. May 2012 saw Chinese scientists announce to the world that they had broken the quantum teleportation record by sending information instantly over 100km’s, teleporting encoded photons in this case.  This is real working in the labs science that is not only truly instant but also the only totally encrypted and completely unhackable transmission technique. Due to the fact that Quantum encryption is the only encryption that can’t be brute force hacked. Did the quantum teleportation experiments have strange side-effects for one Chinese scientist, in the process creating Teleportation Man?

Is the video evidence of real life super heroes or high tech super suits? Is there a third and simpler option, hoax? Watch the videos and decide! It is undeniably a startling video of something strange crossing the street, in China.

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