Strange Sounds Around The World Part 2, Gabriel’s Trumpet or The Electromagnetic Atmospheric Sound…

Continuing with strange and creepy sounds being heard around the world we examine the second phenomenon, Gabriel’s Trumpet, With a very electric edge to the sound many have also describe it as the trumpets of the apocalypse or the gates of hell opening.

The sound itself is a haunting eerily electric noise that seems to have no obvious source. Completely non-directional it is impossible to locate the source by simply listening to the noise. Unlike the Hum the Trumpets seems to emanate from the atmosphere itself, not from underground.

The first few months of 2012 have seem a wave of audio events occur all around the world. While some video’s are undoubtedly fakes designed to allow their creators to ride the tide of popularity many are legitimate, and very creepy.

There are now a large collection of videos on YouTube that claims to have captured the sounds in their ghostly entirety. Videos have appeared from all over the world Barcelona, Czech Republic, Mexico, Chile, France, Canada, Russia, Australia, Costa Rica, Barcelona Spain, Lublino, Poland and New Jersey.

Mainstream Reporting Strange Noises Heard Around The World – Jan 26, 2012

While there are a number of real observed cases of this sound the evidence is drowned out by an incredible number of faked videos.

There are now literally dozens of these videos on YouTube, most having appeared in the last 6 months. Most, if not all of the fake videos involve only a single witness to the phenomenon and the strange sound heard strongly resembles the Martian sounds from the movie War of The Worlds. Ironically many people are calling this the greatest fake since the original War of The Worlds radio broadcast.

It looks like the phenomenon may have started with a number of actual incidents, there have been a number of occurrences that were witnessed by small populations, small towns. Most recently in North Battleford Canada the residents experienced the Trumpet. Talk back radio switchbacks lit up in the morning after a large proportion of the town heard the trumpets the night before. Media coverage of the incident was unable to explain the cause.

Some investigators have traced many of the fakes to Paul Begley, a Pastor at Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox, Indiana. Begley preaches “End of Days” Gospel Revelations and makes incredibly good use of modern tools such as the internet to get his message across. Obviously there are now many people adding to the apocalyptic vision, but there are still a number of actual incidents involving the trumpet phenomenon that should not be dismissed due to the fakes.

I would hate to be someone actually experiencing this audio phenomenon, struggling to capture then share the evidence, for it to just be swallowed in a sea of obvious imitations.

1/16/2012 — ‘Strange sounds’ heard WORLDWIDE — what is it?!

The Earthsound
Some have suggested that the Electric Atmosphere sound is a variation of the Earth sound. The Earthsound itself is the resonate frequency of the planet, every planet in the solar system has its own frequency or particular sound. The sound itself is a very complex wave, but it relatively consistent. The Trumpet is continually changing and varying across frequencies. Also the Trumpet is a far simpler sound than the Earthsound.

Pole Shift, Solar Flares and Aurora
Pole shift is a good candidate to explain the Trumpets. The Trumpets are seemingly an electromagnetic sounding phenomenon, so logically the Earths electromagnetic field has to be considered when looking for an explanation. Adding to this is the current flux the Earth’s magnetic field and the closely related poles appear to be in – pole shift –. Many of the magnetic fields most visible actions result in Auroral displays. These colourful psychedelic atmospheric displays often have an electric crackling sound associated with them.

Under normal circumstances Auroral displays are driven by solar activity. Solar flares generate a coronal mass ejection – CME – that fire high energy particles and radiation at the earth. When these high energy particles interact with the Earth’s magnetic field the Aurora are seen. polar lights, which often have a crackling electric sound associated with them. It is a more electrical sound than the trumpets, though. There is no direct correlation between the Trumpet being heard and solar activity which would limit the possibility of the Trumpet being directly caused by solar flare activity.

During exception circumstances however many causes for Aurora can occur at once making a connection more feasible. With the current weakened magnetic field, magnetic poles moving and possibly changing direction along with the solar maximum things look far more plausible. More study is required to establish a solid connection though.

The HAARP Connection
While HAARP is blamed for many things, in the case of the Trumpet phenomenon HAARP may actually play a factor. HAARP is also capable of generating an atmospheric crackle when focusing large amounts of energy into small portions of the sky. Combining multiple HAARP facilities by focusing them all on the same single point can also produce extreme atmospheric heating and the associated crackling noises. HAARP also makes it possible to generate the effect at any time, not just during solar flare or other cyclic events. The HAARP explanation definitely warrants more investigation,

A strange and ominous sound the trumpets resemblance to many of Hollywood’s most powerful cinematic moments may just be the key to its internet success. Many sounds we hear in our day to day lives pass without the least attention, where as, everyone who hears the trumpets asks “what the hell was that?”

If you are the scientifically inclined then the atmospheric phenomenon is most likely the cause. Otherwise our money at Highpants is on HAARP being used for some other more devious plan, with the noises simply being a by-product of that greater goal, an echo of an event we may never know about.