Strange Sounds Around The World Part 1. The Hum, Underground Construction to Future Proof Society?

Strange and creepy noises are no longer the territory of the latest horror film or an overactive imagination. Over the last 18 months there have been many reports of strange and unusual sounds, with some incidents being experienced by entire towns.

As with most complex phenomenon these mysterious sounds can be broken down into different categories, a construction type noise that seems to emanate from underground, and a ghostly trumpet or wailing sound that has no definable source but appears to be atmospheric. Both phenomenon are currently being heard by many witnesses simultaneously over a large geographic area and both have been occurring all over the world in ever increasing numbers.

In this first article – Part 2 will be released later this week – we will cover the construction like noise, The Hum, and its many possible causes. A complex phenomenon the Hum has a long history of both avoiding explanation and being heard / experienced by whole communities all over the world.

Mysterious Rumblings and Vibrations in Windsor, ON, Canada are Causing Problems – August 2011

In an isolated Canadian community, far from any underground construction such unexplained underground construction noises can be heard, noises often referred to as the Hum. In an ongoing incident that began in August 2011 the entire community has endured strange and powerful vibrations, hum, at all hours of the day. The sound itself is said to resemble an idling diesel engine, with a low rumble.

On August 16 The Windsor Star newspaper broke the story of strange sounds emanating from the ground beneath Windsor, Ontario. The Canadian newspaper has reported that many residents are complaining of strange noises and vibrations. Locals report the noise started as a strange rumbling that began months earlier and continues to this day. This was not the first time that the residents of Windsor had experienced the hum. 18 months earlier it had started with a light rumble.

One of the most interesting aspects to the Windsor Hum is the difficulty capturing the phenomenon on tape. While a large cross section of the population hear the Hum it is very difficult to get on tape.

The Hum phenomenon itself has been heard in many parts of the world, with modern occurrences starting in the 1960’s in Bristol England. In North America the first modern case occurred in Taos New Mexico in the 1990’s. Canada has had other towns experience the hum besides Windsor, Calgary and Alberta Canada have both had their turn enduring the this most annoying phenomenon. Currently the Hum can still be heard in Windsor Ontario and Woodland County Durham in the UK.

While some people seem to be more affected by the sound than others it is heard by everyone in the vicinity. During this latest episode of the hum in Windsor over 400 complaints were received by local councils. Scientific studies were initiated to find the source of the sounds. Scientists studying the hum suspect Zug Island, which is a man-made heavy industry island in the City of River Rouge near Detroit as the originating source of the Windsor hum. However Rick Harding a consultant hired by the City of River Rouge says he doubts they will ever find the source., leaving a question mark over this explanation.

Geological activity is also another possible explanation that is often presented. A plausible explanation for the point of view that the Earth’s crust crushing and grinding rock together. Generally though these are a precursor to an event such as an Earthquake or volcanic eruption. In the case of the Hum there never has been geological activity during or after the Hum is heard.

The ‘Windsor Hum’ is Back, With a Vengeance – January 29, 2012

Underground Construction To Future Proof Society
In the age of the sky-scraper it is obvious that our modern world is stretching upwards, an impressive and continuing trend. What is less obvious is that the modern world is also digging deeper than ever, building downwards. The deepest construction on earth is in South Africa, the Dinefontein gold mine has recently reached 4 kilometres deep and is still growing, downwards. Underground homes and disused silo are being converted to underground condo’s.

The American government has been digging itself in for the last 50 years, Norad being the most widely publicised example. Built under Cheyenne Mountain the Norad facility is only the tip of the iceberg. During the 9/11 terrorist incidents the ability to shift the entire government underground became a popular subject amongst those following the situation. So is it any surprise that unexplained construction noises are being heard ? As per normal the truth is far stranger than the obvious

Is underground construction being undertaken to future proof society ? There are other indicators that point us in this direction. There have been a number of other future proofing projects that have been publicized.

The Doomsday Vault seed bank is located on a small island named Svalbard inside the arctic circle. The bank has been specifically designed to ensure another mass extinction event doesn’t destroy the food base of society. The island is permanently frozen so that if the power ever went out the seeds would remain frozen. Norway’s government administrators the seed bank on the worlds behalf and expects the seeds in the bank to have a shelf life of 10,000 years, if they stay frozen.

The Norwegian government itself seems to be preparing for the apocalypse. In 2009 a Norwegian politician public commented on Norway’s construction of underground bases in preparation for the apocalypse.

At the same time missile silos in America were converted into apocalypse proof housing, they sold out before construction / conversion even began. Apocalypse proof housing has quickly become an industry.

The US governments department of homeland security released in May 2011 the Zombie Apocalypse survival guide. Taking a tongue in cheek approach the document is actually a serious emergency response document for end of the world scenarios. It created quite a buzz when it was released last year, what did they have in mind when releasing that one.

There have long been reports of an underground network of tunnels that connect super-secret bases. Some say alien bases some say high tech warehouses and tech labs. The tunnels are melted into the ground, using heating instead of crushing and digging the nuclear tunnel boring machine is able to tunnel much faster than the normal TBM. The craft that travel in this web of tunnels that stretch around the world travel at over 3000kmh.

The US government has been building underground facilities in large numbers since the 1990’s. The facility under Denver Airport is the latest to be completed and is said to be over 300,000 square feet in size.

None of these preparations, digging in, rely on disasters occurring on a specific date, 21/12/2012 for example. They are attempting to future proof society from any event, whether it be the Mega Volcano under Yellowstone nation park, or a solar flare, asteroid or worldwide flood event, or any combination of the possible disasters.

With stories of Alien Underground bases were popularized by The Dulce Wars there have long been stories of Aliens living underground. It is only a natural extension that if they live down there they have to build the bases and in turn make noise. David Icke has investigated the possibility of an ancient underground race of lizards, while the theory may not be everyone’s cup of tea he has definitely uncovered some interesting evidence

Dulce New Mexico, Denver airport, Utah’s Green River Complex aka ‘The New Area 51’ and Area 51 itself are but a few of the most famous underground complexes built by the American Defence department that are said to house Aliens or their technology. These bases aren’t limited to the USA either, in Australia, Pine Gap and the Black Mountain in Northern Queensland are both said to house underground facilities.

With the ability to annoy from great distance the Hum has managed to avoid scientific explanation for many years. Dating back to the 90’s the phenomenon has caused many sleepless nights for the witn-esses and investigators. The Hum is a widely experienced and well documented phenomenon that is still an unsolved mystery. Could the scientists be right, construction noises traveling long distances ? Is the Earth’ crust moving and groaning or are the governments of the world future proofing society.