Strange Lights in the Night Sky: UFO’s Over Balaclava…

The unexpected comes in many shapes and sizes, life it seems has a way of sneaking a curve ball in when you least expect it. Take for example my experiences last night, one minute I was walking down the street with bags of shopping happily swaying by my side, the next moment I am staring at the sky, fixated.

To set the scene I should state for the record that the time was 10:45pm on an overcast night, Thursday the 27th of November 2013, late last night. Returning home from dinner with friends, after a quick pit stop at the supermarket, I had been simply wandering down Inkerman Street in StKilda (Melbourne, Australia). Hoping to make it home before the heavens opened with more rain.

Being an overcast night there was barely a star in the sky, the odd twinkle that did appear simply highlighted the movement of the rain heavy clouds, revealing the stars light only briefly.


Walking along Inkerman St an extraordinarily bright light hanging low on the horizon caught my eye. Staring at the light as I walked I wondered if anyone else was seeing this. There hanging in the sky was a single solitary light in the distance to the south west, hanging stationary over the bay.

Strange light zoom in.
Strange light zoom in.

Realizing it was something more than a little odd, time to collect a little evidence. It’s at this point of the night’s events that I shot all of the photos. Apologies for the crappy shots, I am no mobile phone photographer.

I stayed there for 15 minutes watching this light hang stationary above the rooftops, hanging low in the night sky. Watching intently I observed a number of curios facts; there was a complete absence of noise associated with the light. The light itself stayed extremely still in spite of it being a blustery night and the light sat at an altitude between the low fast moving storm clouds and the high clouds that occasionally broke to reveal small pinpoints of star light. At one stage the light disappeared briefly as a low clouds passed in front of it, returning quickly as they passed.

After 15 minutes, with rain beginning to fall I walked the last few blocks home, keeping an eye on the light till I could no longer see it, tall apartment blocks obscuring the view.

Strange light zoom in.
Strange light zoom in.

Checking the photo’s once home I wasn’t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised, there was definitely something there, something rather odd. Zooming in to discover the lights intensity and brightness caught my eye again.

I like to think it was some kind of high tech alien craft with reverse stealth or perhaps a precursor to full disclosure, but the truth is I have no idea at all of the true nature of this phenomenon. It is a mystery to me.

Original Mobile Phone Images, Unaltered (Click to see full image)