SteamBoy, the Remote Playing Handheld Steam Console…

The handheld gaming market is about to heat up with a new console appearing from out of the blue. The SteamBoy handheld Steam machine has piqued the internet’s interests with its unique features and sharp looks.

The SteamBoy Machine Team (no relation to Steam) released the preview for their hand held steamer on the last day of E3, surprising the tired masses. Website the Escapist got the low down on the console with much potential.

The OS installed will of course be Steam OS out of the box. Under the hood will be a quad core processor (no word on ARM or x86) 4GB of RAM, Wi-Fi, 32GB via a built in memory card and a 5″ widescreen display. Controls include all of the new Steam standards as used by their controller; 2 touchpads, 8 action buttons, 4 triggers and two buttons at the rear.

highpant-steamboy-handheld-2According to the Team their palmtop will support a majority of Steam games and with the help of Steam OS’s remote play functionality even full blown AAA titles should be accessible while on your home network.

There is no word from the team on cost but they did say that the device will balance performance and cost. With the release of the Steam boxes approaching later this year or next year SteamBoy is adding to the buzz while filling out the Steam ecosystem nicely.

Reference: EscapistMagazine -SteamBoy