Space Station 76 Trailer, the Sci-Fi Comedy TV Series…

Welcome aboard the Omega 76 Space Station, the space station that proves in space no one can hear you laugh. The trailer for the new dark comedy is set in a past that was far more futuristic than anyone can remember.

The upcoming Space Station 76 TV series presents the future from a 1970’s perspective. The R-rated Sci-Fi comedy was first released as a movie at the SXSW festival in March 2014, writer director Jack Plotnick has carried the story over into a TV series. A series that joins the crew of the Omega 76 Space Station as they face much inner turmoil with a new female captain arriving aboard the space station, sparking tension and sexual innuendo.

Starring Matt Bomer, Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler and Marisa Coughlan the series release date is TBA, the movie has seen a limited cinematic release. Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest sci-fi comedy to raise expectations, Space Station 76 the TV Series. Sit back, relax and prepare to go back in time to see the future.