Space Girl Plays Portal and the Lauren Francesca Key of Awesome Highlights…

Space Girl returns once more with a slight side step from her normal adventures in space to enter the portal universe for a while. Can there be anything better than our favourite B-Movie character being immersed in one of our favourite video games?

The buxom beauty behind Space Girl is of course Lauren Francesca, a talented actress and model who has been working her way through the internet’s funny bone for many years now. While her YouTube Channel ‘IWantMyLauren’ is her latest foray into generating laughs she has actually been performing on stage and with many comedy troops for years. She was there from the beginning when The Key of Awesome, Barely Political, Epic Meal Time and Mondo Media were first starting out.

If Lauren’s YouTube channel isn’t enough to satisfy your lust for laughs and you want to get to know lady behind Space Girl a little better visit the links bellow, there is no escaping the incredible Lauren. Remember to subscribe, follow and like.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest Space Girl video shot inside the world of Portal along with the Lauren Francesca Key of Awesome highlights, the hilarious back catalogue of awesome skits. Sit back, relax and be prepared to get to know the world of Lauren Francesca just a little better.

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