The Soup Robot, The Queen of Crappy Robots Strikes Again.

The queen of crappy robots Simone Giertz has been hard at work tinkering in her girl shed once again, working slavishly away on a new robotic creation designed to make her life easier. This time around Simone has put her genius to work creating a robot that will feed a bowl of soup to her without her needing to lift a finger, until she has to clean up in any case.

Simone’s YouTube channel ‘Simone’s Robots’ is full to the brim of interesting robots that may or may not fulfil their intended purpose. What they do demonstrate is a level of genius that puts Simone  smack in the middle of the mad scientist category, while evil genius may still be out of reach she is developing a well worn reputation for hilariously mad contraptions.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest creation of our favorite mad scientist, the Soup Robot. A robot that may just be the unfortunate love child of her Beer Robot and the Breakfast Machine, while only being just slightly less dangerous than both. Sit back relax and prepare to marvel at the wonder of this latest creation, for those in the front row be sure to adorn your raincoat, this one gets a little messy.

Reference: Simone’s Robots