Sony’s Sports Bloggie, The Hardened Steal Of The Pocket Video Camera World…

Sony, makers of all things electronic have updated their Bloggie line of internet ready video cameras, introducing the new Bloggie Sports. With it’s toughened exterior the Bloggie has become the pocket camera for all occasions and locations.

Sony hasn’t stopped at hardening the Bloggie either, with its colourful new look and comfortable curved line the Bloggie should be as comfortable as it is tough. Able to withstand immersion in water to 5 meters getting pictures of your latest snorkelling adventure has never been easier. For the accident prone a drop of 1.5 meters is taken in the Bloggies stride, as are dusty and sandy conditions.

The Bloggie packs some outstanding technology into its tough exterior, the Exmor CMOS sensor can capture video at HD 1080p 30fps for those high detail moments or 720p at 60 fps to capture those fast action situations, just as the shark opens wide perhaps. Stills are captured at 5.1 megapixels. Four times digital zoom and electronic image stabilisation combine to help keep the image stable and in sight. 4GB of internal memory is included, no options for expansion are included.

Bloggie’s not afraid of dirt.

The rear 2.7” touch screen gives easy access to the built in effects and shooting modes to give your video’s a little extra zing. HDMI ha been included, allowing quick playback once your life of adventure moves back indoors.

Pricing and availability are still to be confirmed, expect it to be priced to fill the gap in the market left by the demise of the Flip video cameras. The Bloggie Sports, more than a camera choice Sony is handing us a Lifestyle choice. Once we have made the choice we are then free to record it and share it with the world.

Reference: Sony