Sony Xperia Z3 Smartphone Underwater Unboxing, the Phone That Could Be King…

Sony has been beavering away, and bleeding money, trying to get its Xperia Z series to the top of the Android smartphone heap. With the release of the Z3 Remote Play smartphones underway Sony (and Carphone Warehouse) have kicked the marketing machine up a gear and they’ve gone underwater.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the underwater unboxing video of the new smartphone that could be king. An ad that features a diver unboxing a Z3 underwater, then proceeding to power it up and get snap happy with the camera while showing off the results. Sit back, relax and prepare to be amazed.

highpants-sony-z3-rearThe Z3 series feature two handsets and tablet, much like the iPhone 6 large and compact model smartphones will be offered with the smaller model known as the Z3 Compact and the full sized model just the Z3. The tablet is a discussion for another day along with the tablet in the bathtub video.

Under the hood the Z3 handsets feature a Snapdragon 2.5Ghz Quad core 810 processor, Adreno 330 GPU and 3GB of RAM. The 16/32GB of internal storage can be expanded to 128GB via microSD card and you will need a Nano-SIM. The new Z’s feature a 20.7 megapixel rear camera that can capture 2160p@30fps (4K), 1080p@60fps and 720p@120fps or images up to 5248 x 3936 pixels.

highpants-sony-z3-dualshockThe display may be the only weakness in the Z3’s armour, whereas LG, HTC have both using 4K displays on high end phones the Z3 has a 5.2 inch Full HD IPS LCD and the Compact a 4.6 inch 720p display.

The most exciting feature though is Remote Play with Dual Shock controller, a feature that will see the Z3 series including the tablet join the PS Vita in streaming games from the PS4. With the added advantage of being able to chew through your mobile data allowance at unprecedented speeds (720p video speeds actually).

Slim, light and powerful but is it enough? A gaming and photography powerhouse with 2 day battery life and designs on being king and only Sony standing in the way, this one will be interesting.

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