Sony Discuss the Playstation TV Micro Console Release, the Remote Play Revolution Begins…

At this week’s E3 conference Sny added a little detail to their plans for the amazing Playstation TV micro console and media device, also known as the Vita TV in Japan.

Under the hard plastic shell the PS TV contains the brains of a PS Vita handheld. The quad core ARM CPU, powerful GPU and great sound make this one of the most powerful micro consoles on the market.

With a fully fledged PS Vita under the hood most PS Vita games will play out of the box, along with some PS One and PSP Classic titles. All of these games will run locally on the consoles hardware. Extending the PS TV’s gaming capabilities the micro console can remote play any title installed on your PS4. Allowing PS4 games to be played away from the main console on any TV you plug the micro console into.

highpants-playstation-vita-tv-blip3Sony’s PlayStation Now service is currently still in beta but once it’s available in the next few months it promises to bring a massive catalogue of PS3 and PS4 games to the micro console, all rendered in the clouds. Initially Sony is planning to have 100 AAA PS3 titles available.

Media playback abilities include network playback via DLNA and all of the usual services; Hulu, Netflix, generally any service that has a PS Vita application. Sony this week even started discussing their own TV streaming service. They will be aiming to provide the complete cable TV experience to any internet connected Sony device.

Sony hasn’t set an official release date as of yet but the PS TV is expected to be out during September or October.

highpants-playstation-vita-tv-blip2Two retail PS TV packs are set to be released in the US and Canada; the basic console only pack will cost $99 USD. The $129 pack will include a DualShock 3 controller, HDMI cable and 8GB memory card. In the UK a single £85 retail pack will be available that includes the console and a DualShock 3 controller.

While Sony’s announcement only initially discussed America, Canada and Europe any Australian Sony fans should also see the micro console at the same time. The PS Now service is however still a long way off for Europe and Australia.

Sony are pushing hard to get its services into people’s living rooms, the PlayStation TV is perhaps the coolest attempt so far, we can’t wait.

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