SoloShot 2, the Robotic Action Cameraman…

In this selfie obsessed era capturing action shots while alone is still an endlessly difficult task; setup the shot, run out and perform the scene, run back to the camera adjust the shot etc. It really is a lot of work being a solo action star. In recent years SoloShot have been working to make this process as simple as strapping on an arm band.

Waterproof Tag
Waterproof Tag

Developed by surfer and CEO of the company Chris Boyle to tackle the tricky dilemma of who will man the camera when the surfs up and everyone’s in the water. After kickstarting the first SoloShot into life the Solo Shot 2 has improved the technology, shrinking it and making it cheaper.

Snap any tripod compatible camera onto the SnaShot 2 and it will control the pan and tilt, tracking who or whatever you have attach the tag too. The armband tag contains a GPS receiver and data transmitter which the tag uses to send location data back to the SoloShot base and adjust the camera’s position to keep you in shot at all times. The transmitter in the arm band has a range of 2,000 feet and multiple cameras can be setup to track from various angles and locations.

Solo Shot has even put some thought into security with the base lockable to nearby objects, such as a Rottweiler, a pole or bike rack etc. An indoor sensor option is also available that will help with indoor tracking.

The new SoloShot 2 is available from Amazon or any decent retailer for $399 RRP. While the Solo may have been designed with the solo action hero in mind this is one of those gadgets that will find a new use with every new customer, personally I’m thinking this would rock for multiple camera shots during Carting track days.

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