The Slidewheel Rotating Water Slide…

Amusement parks are constantly trying to find new and outrageous ways to thrill and amuse their visitors. From time to time out of this innovation comes something so stunning that it changes amusements parks forever. The Slidewheel may well be one of those watershed moments for water parks, a rotating Ferris wheel water-slide that boggles the mind while tickling the adrenaline gland.

The intertwined maze of tubes forms one continuous water-slide that rotates at a leisurely 3 revolutions a minute, constantly keeping the rider on a downward trajectory and moving forward. After you enter the ride the slow rotation will move you through the twists and turns at speeds up to 40kmh for around two minutes.

Developed by German amusement park engineering company wiegand.maelzer GmbH the ride has captured the attention of many water parks around the world. The rides designers have also tested the Slidewheel at different speeds and have shown that it can produce experiences ranging from a family friendly relaxing cruise to a skid mark inducing adrenaline rush.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the Slidewheel prototype in action, are you ready to ride the water-slide to nowhere? Is it now possible for us all to fit a water-slide in our very small backyards? Sit back relax and prepare to slowly rotate your way to amusement.