Skrillex Doompy Poomp Music Video by Fluer and Manu, Awesome…

Taking dubstep in a whole new crazy direction the latest track released by Skrillex has won many new fans and caused much consternation amongst his fans. Not that he minds shaking things up at all, this is after all what dubstep is all about.

The film clip has been put together by Skillex’s favourite directors French artists / directors Fluer and Manu and it was no mistake that it was released on Groundhog Day, a day that has has never been as funny as it is portrayed in the music video.

Presented for your viewing and listening pleasure is the latest track lifted from ‘Recess’, the first full length album by Skrillex. Don’t even try to tap your toes to this one as it may just lead to some type of brain aneurysm.

Key & Peele – Dubstep Hilarity