Simpsons Pixels, the Pixel Art Tribute to the Simpsons Intro is Awesome…

The Simpsons opening intro has become one of the most beloved and well known pieces of animation in recent decades. Universally known and loved everyone knows what show is on when that music begins and clouds are parted for the shows name to appear.

Animators Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon along with musician Jeremy Dower have combined their love for the Simpsons and their collective talents to produce one of the most awesome tributes to this into and running its running gags. Focusing an 8-bit lens at the universally known bit of animation the crew have managed to create a pixel art fan tribute video that also happens to be one of the best fan art videos so far this year.

The retro CGI art form Pixel Art takes the crisp digital animation we are all used to and re-imagines it as if it was 30 years ago when 8 bits ruled the computer world. A simpler look and feel from a simpler time.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the awesome 8-bit inspired Simpsons intro produced with the latest technology and downgraded into a far cooler form of art. Sit back, relax and prepare to be amused by the familiar with a low resolution twist.

Reference: Paul Rebertson Tumblr
Reference: Ivan Dixon Tumblr
Reference: Jeremy Dower