SimCity 2013, Prey For The Apocalypse Otherwise SimCity Will Consume Our Lives, Again…

Electronic Arts game studio Maxis have recently announced that their legendary game SimCity is about to be upgraded, SimCity 2013 here we come. Maxis is already hard at work developing the new city building classic. Three Maxis lead game designers took time out of their busy schedules to attend the Game Developers Conference and drip feed a few details to the world.

Thankfully Maxis had more than just talking on their minds at the GDC, they came prepared with an impressive video game trailer, a preview of things to come. Lets hope Maxis can stay true to their vision, it is a visually stunning preview.

Officially it may be called SimCity 5, by the time it is finally released the marketers may have even come up with a jazzy product name, SimCity World or some such title, here at Highpants we call it a time machine, years will disappear once it gets a hold of you.

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The first SimCity launched in 1989, – Amiga, Mac and PC initially – it was the first game released by fledgling game developer Maxis. The game had almost been cancelled a number times during its 4 year development, many of the games backers found it hard to fathom a game with no winners or losers, it was unmarketable they said. And it was after all a game with no winners or losers, but it was also highly addictive and hours of fun, just building cities.

It’s been nearly a decade since the release of SimCity 4, the last real upgrade to the gaming engine. SimCity 2013 will utilize a brand new gaming engine, rebuilt from the ground up. The new game engine, GlassBox, will be the most detailed simulation ever released by Maxis. Even down to effecting individual inhabitants of your cities, Sims style.

This will be the first fully 3D generated SimCity which should bring curved roads, people and dust clouds that kick up when the buildings are dropped into place. As release date draws closer expect Maxis to release the full list of new features for the new game. As you can see from the video all of this adds up to a new standard of in game graphics from Maxis, with in-game animations like the the car crushinator and Godzilla it does look amazing,


The Maxis developers emphasized SimCity 2013’s multi player prowess. Being built from the ground up to make use of the latest multi-player and multi-platform technologies players will be able to play co-operatively as well as continuing your cities evolution across many devices. On the go play it on your tablet then when you arrive home jump on your PC and pick-up the game where you left off.

“Build a region with friends for the first time!” Origin exclaimed. “Collaborate or compete in regional and global challenges and make decisions that impact the greater SimCity World.”

Central to this the game will make use of cloud storage for saved games and allowing a new multi player collaborative mode with up to 16 people able to work within the same world simultaneously. The cloud storage also allows the game to easily be played on various platforms. The multi-platform discussions also raises the serious possibility of tablet and smart phone versions for the simulation of cities while on the go.

Maxis have developed 2013 to accept mods, going so far as to use the same mod package interface as The Sims. This should ensure a quick learning curve for mod’ers, giving lovers of the game the opportunity to customise to their hearts cvontent while getting involved in the games evolution.

Multiple versions of the game are already listed on Origin, a digital deluxe version and limited edition The limited edition will introduce superheroes and villains to the game, as well as unspecified mystery items. The digital deluxe version will have all of that, as well as new British, French, and German-themed city sets.

Critically acclaimed and loved by millions SimCity is the original game without a point. The new game looks incredibly detailed and visually stunning, but will it have that SimCity spark, the time machine effect? Will city planners soon be using using SimCity 2013 to study their trade ?

Reference: Origin

System Requirements for the game:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000+ or better
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.0 GHz or better
Operating System:
Windows XP/Vista/7
Windows XP: 1.5GB
Windows Vista and Windows 7: 2GB
PCs using a built-in graphical chipset are recommended to have 2 GB RAM
Graphics Card:
ATI X1800 or better*
nVidia 7800 or better*
Intel 4100 Integrated Graphics or better*