Sharp’s New IGZO 4K 32-inch LCD monitor, the PN-K321 Mega Monitor…

Sharp has this week announced the latest entrant in the 4K revolution, the PN-K321 32-inch IGZO LCD mega monitor. Part of the new 4K display revolution Sharp’s new monitor is naturally capable displaying 3840 x 2160 pixels, enough resolution to open 4 web pages side by side without overlap or 4 different applications displayed easily without clutter.

As we all know monitors and TV’s are the magic window into our electronic lives; the technology behind this magic is itself going through a number of revolutions. The shift to the higher 4K resolution is happening while LCD and OLD battle it out for dominance. All the while trying to convince us all it’s time to upgrade.

Professional users are the target of Sharps new 4K monster, with industrial lines and a price tag of $5,500 they are also the only potential customers who could afford it initially. Prices will drop of course, once volumes increase.

Masatsugu Terakawa, “Demand for ultra-high-definition 4K2K displays is forecast to grow for numerous business and professional applications, including creating and editing graphics and video, financial-related operations requiring intensive use of graphs and small text, and CAD services for displaying detailed drawings,”

Ready to meet the demands of the professional world the PN-K321 has all the best connections; HDMI, DisplayPort, and 35mm audio jacks occupy the rear. The DisplayPort is able to support 60 fps at full 4K resolution using a single cable while the HDMI will only support 30fps. A pair of 2.5 watt speakers keep the audio clear at lower volumes, the displays brightness is rated at 250 cd/m2. The resolution is of course the squint inducing 3840 x 2160 pixels. (I kid). In-spite of the resolution the IGZO technology allows more light through than tradition panels, keeping the display bright and clear.

Another fine example of Sharps latest display technology, the IGZO (Indium Gallium Zink Oxide) semiconductor technology allows Sharp to increase the resolution while lowering the power requirements. This along with the edge lit LED backlight has allowed Sharp to create the thinnest 4K monitor on the market at just 35mm thin.

Set for a February 2013 release in Japan, and a midyear release for America, no details for the rest of the world yet. Sharp will be illuminating a large section of CES in January, the full range of 4K monitors and TV’s should make for some interesting viewing. The most spectacular TV technology in the world will be on display but as always there will still be nothing on.

2013 is already heating up, the battle between OLED and LCD is only just getting started, now the 4K revolution is adding a new player to the battle for our TV and monitor attentions, in the battle for our living rooms.

Reference: Sharp Press Release (in Japanese)
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