Samsung to Launch Galaxy SmartWatch…

The SmartWatch a gadget dream that has been waiting for technology to catch up with our imaginations. Wanting to extend the Galaxy brand to wrists all over the world Samsung is putting its hand up and joining the SmartWatch revolution.

Samsung’s mobile vice president Lee Young spilt the beans to Bloomberg during an interview recently. While Young was light on details he was serious in intent. “We’ve been preparing the watch product for so long,” said Lee Young Hee, “We are working very hard to get ready for it.  We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them.”


In recent months there have also been a rumours suggesting Samsung is working on a SmartWatch internally named Altius, a SmartWatch that was expected to work with the Galaxy S4. Will we soon see Altius in action?

highpants-samsung-galaxy-smartwatch-project-altius-slidesWith all of the greatest science fiction movies providing their own definition of the SmartWatch, each adding their own take to our cultural stew it is no wonder the devices have never quite lived up to expectations. The continual miniaturization of electronics has kept the dream alive however and now the technology appears closer than ever to being ready.

The dream is now becoming a reality. The Pebble SmartWatch is currently leading the market with products being delivered to customers and the developers SDK due out midyear. Reports are positive on the hardware but the software still needs to mature a little. Apple is making noises that suggest an iWatch is in the works while Sony is also rumoured to be putting a strap on the current Xperia and calling it a watch. The more correct Sony rumour suggests they are in fact working on an Android timepiece.

Will Samsungs be able to produce the ultimate wrist bound computer? Will they be beaten to market to every gadget maker with a factory in China? Or will Pebble make enough out of their lead to take the market by storm? Whatever the answers to these many vexing questions we can all expect our wrist real estate to become far more crowded very shortly.

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