Russia’s Hypersonic Missile Redefines Fast…

The speed of fast is defined by the fastest animal’s or machines of any given period. In the 1800’s fast was a pack of horses, 1900’s saw the jet redefine fast and now hypersonic missiles are just about to redefine fast for us all. This won’t just be a slight adjustment to the definition either, this will be a complete re-write of the definition.

The Russian MoD (Ministry of Defence) have been talking up the capabilities of their next generation hypersonic missiles for the last 2 years. The Zircon, Avanguard and the ABM system. Of the three it is the ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) Interceptor system that really grabs attention and redefines fast. It is unnaturally fast, instantly fast, the kind of fast that requires expletives to describe properly.

Filmed on the Sary-Shangan test range in the Republic of Kazakhstan 2019 the ABM Interceptor is the quickest thing we have ever seen. Unlike most missiles there is no slow build up to speed, as soon as it is launched it is going super sonic speeds, and quickly attains its hypersonic maximum velocity. Like a formula one car, at no point in time is this missile travelling slow.

On an interesting side note all of the hypersonic demonstrations held by Russia over the last two years have obviously been a message to the world, specifically China and America. A demonstration of power. But oddly enough the demonstrations have all been in locations that are in close proximity to China. This may be a co-incendence as they are neighbours but it wouldn’t surprise us here at Highpants if it was a message to thier neighbour. We consider it likely that the next war for dominance will be China versus America and Russia.

Hopefully that never happens, and the war of words stays just that. As long as the arms race stays fairly even, as it has for 50 years, the laws of mutually assured destruction will stay in place and things will continue as they are.

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