The Return of the Strange Sounds Around the World.

Around this time of the year two years ago a strange audible phenomenon swept the world, strange sounds were heard emanating from the sky and underground. Now two years later the sounds have mysteriously returned to the skies once more.

Some have described the disturbing sound as a UFO humming in the sky without one being visible, others are calling it Gabriel’s Trumpet and yet others are calling it The Hum. No matter the name given this anomalous sound is creeping people out everywhere it is heard.

In the last few months numerous videos have appeared on YouTube, videos which suggest this is not a localised noise as the same noise is being echoed around all four corners of the globe.

Is it some kind of amazing coincidence that the sounds being recorded are so similar? Or is it some kind of new kind of viral hoax? Project Blue Beam has also been mentioned by a number of very interesting articles. Project Blue Beam is speculated to be a technology not too dissimilar to HAARP that is able to project a light and sound show. As the story goes thisis being deployed to convince the world of an alien invasion and need for a single world religion.

Here at Paranoid Android we don’t believe for a minute that these strange sounds are a hoax, we also don’t believe that these are natural sounds or a UFO war. This is the spooky background music in the scary scene of a movie, setting the mood for that shocking moment the boogie man jumps out and you leap out of your seat in fright; mood music for things to come.

Unfortunately at the moment all we have is speculation until the source of these strange sounds is identified.

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