The Return of the Star Cruiser Mystery, What is Happening to the Sun?

Staring at the Sun is a common pastime for many now that SDO and other satellites are constantly feeding visual data back to Earth, a pastime that once left many blind. Scott Waring is one such individual, constantly keeping an eye on the spectacular light show blasting forth from the Sun. Recently using Scott captured on of the most unusual phenomenon’s to emerge from this preponderance of new data, Star Cruisers parking near the sun.

The latest footage takes this new phenomenon even further, until now these Star Cruisers have been spherical, looking like Death Stars parked in close proximity to the Sun. This latest footage however has captured a triangular shaped object emerging from within the Sun. Looking like an Imperial Star Destroyer this ominous object is as large as our moon and seemingly impervious to the Sun’s radiation.

Things get even stranger when you also consider the DarkSkyWatcher videos below that have captured highly unusual Solar activity. Captured by their Sunrise and Sunset live feed at Kingman Arizona on December 23rd the video features what appears to be massive vortexes of energy or filaments blasting out from the magnetic poles of the Sun. This unusual phenomenon stopped on December 24, the day the triangular Star Cruiser was seen emerging from the Sun, strange or what?

Many have commented that they believe these mystery craft are refueling but looking at these videos together it suggests something far stranger and far more ominous is happening to our Sun, it doesn’t look natural at all.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the latest strange sightings to be captured around our Sun. There is no doubt that the object emerging from the Sun appears to be, it really does look like Star Cruisers but is it involved in other strange Solar phenomenon? For the moment we have few answers and a deepening mystery.

Reference: Scott Waring Channel
Reference: DarkSkyWatcher74 Channel
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Darkstar Sunrise and Sunset Observatory Live Feed Images