Reinventing Spectacular. The Aston Martin AM310, the Return of the Vanquished…

Aston Martin, makers of sumptuous sports cars have previewed their latest luxury super car, the AM310, the brand new 2013 Vanquish. As part of it’s centenary celebrations next year Aston Martin has by-passeed all social protocol and made its own birthday present for the occasion, the AM310 Vanquish.

Today Aston Martin has released the official photo gallery and preview video for their new reinvention of spectacular. With the Vanquish badge in place on the boot Aston Martin have also confirmed their birthday presents name.

Replacing the DBS as Aston Martin premier edition this will be the most expensive model in the family. First seen on display at Villa d’Este Concours d’Elegance – celebration of historic cars – last month. The final production model is expected to be released in August at the Pebble Beach auto event in California, ready for sale next year.

How will Aston Martin fake surprise at it’s 100th birthday party?

After a burst of creativity that produced their pure bred super car, the One-77, Aston Martin looks to be re-applying lessons learned from the One-77. Many of the new technologies and design queues for the new Vanquish coming from the bank account burning 1.2million pound work of art on four wheels.

The AM 310, the new Vanquish.

For the One-77 Aston created a new semi-automatic that may find its way into the Vanquish. This will include the transaxle gearbox for perfect weight distribution and new wishbone suspension. The most extensive design changes have occurred under the skin however. Carbon-fibre is now used extensively throughout the new car as opposed to the all aluminium cars of the past.

The new Vanquish will carry over the 6.0-litre V12 from the current model. Power is tipped to increase to 565-hp and 457 lb-ft of torque, with rumours of 600hp being more than possible. Making the competition very nervous.

The interior has been redesigned and styled to continue the One-77 inspired flare. A new touch screen navigation system has also been included for the first time. The bonnet height has been increased to conform to safety standards, along with tighter emission controls on the engine to conform to the current emissions standards.

Aston Martins replacement for the DBS is set to impress. With incredible curves and high tech construction the new Vanquish may be the ultimate luxury super sports car when its released in August. Able to cruise the highway and assault the competition on the track. The AM310 is the new Highpants dream car, posters are already in place.

Reference: Aston Martin Project Vanquish