Red Bull Stratos UFO, Even Aliens Watch Earth’s World Record Attempts…

Felix and the Red Bull Stratos team may have a larger audience than expected, an audience from unknown origins. Captured by the static camera’s at the launch site in Roswell New Mexico are a number of mysterious orb UFO’s that drift about slowly in the sky. Hovering high in the sky above the Stratos team are what appear to be faint orbs or luminous spheres, moving slowly about, watching.

While the weather conditions in Roswell over the last few days haven’t been favourable for a launch of the Stratos balloon it is obviously perfectly good UFO flying weather.

Perhaps it was inevitable; with the many hours of video footage captured and released it was only a matter of time before something unusual was noticed in the footage. Eagle eyed observers have riffled through the hours of video and may have discovered a whole new audience watch Fearless Felix Baumgartner make his record breaking attempt. Has Felix made intergalactic headlines?

Possible explanations include high altitude weather balloon that are being used to test the conditions, or lens flare caused by the surface of the balloon below or UFO. If there are cameras up there let’s hope they have paid their broadcast rights, we would hate to see lawyers get involved.

Do the aliens run a betting pool, and what odds are they giving for his survival? Are the Aliens also standing by asking is this guy is for real? Why is he jumping out of a perfectly good balloon?

The Roswell name also raises much interest and many eye brows. Is the more than a little connection between the tests being performed in Roswell and the UFO sightings? Are they advanced military drones of some kind?

While we wait till October 14 for the rescheduled record attempt by Fearless Felix we have to wonder if the intergalactic pop corn makers are preparing snacks as we speak. Are we the only ones watching these human feats of the incredible?

Reference: Red Bull’s Fearless Felix Baumgartner, Space jumper and the man who fell to Earth….

ufos @ redbull stratos mission live broadcast

U.F.Os Hovering Over Red Bull Stratos Failed Launch – Roswell, New Mexico