Red Bull Rampage 2017, Insanity on 2 Wheels has Never Looked So Spectacular.

Red Bull loves to promote all things extreme in the sporting world but their Red Bull Rampage is arguably one of the most spectacular events their extreme minds have come up with. With stomach churning action, death defying leaps of faith and some of the most highly skilled mountain bike riders skirting along the cliffs of Virgin, Utah the 2017 Rampage is without a doubt the peak of extreme sports. Just watching the videos may cause some to break out in a cold sweet and vertigo induced head spins.

This years event was taken out by Canadian Kurt Sorge who became the first three time winner in the events history. Cam Zink and Rampage rookie Ethan Nell took out send and third places respectfully.

Presented for you viewing insanity is the craziest action on two wheels to be presented by Red Bull, an event that has redefined getting air with action that requires nerves of steel and a sense of balance that may just be verging on super human. Sit back and relax, but be sure to hang on tight and buckle yourself into your chair for this one, it really will cause your head to spin with the real chance of you falling out of your chair.

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