Razer DeathStalker Ultimate, The SwitchBlade Keyboard…

Razer, the gaming accessory masters have introduced the SwitchBlade user interface to the world of keyboards, creating a new evolutionary branch for keyboards in the process, the DeathStalker branch.

Bringing new functionality to gaming keyboards the DeathStalker Ultimate builds on Razers excellent gaming technology adding the eye catching 4 inch touch screen LCD that will grab your attention, then the changing graphics on the 10 tactile keys will leave you stunned.

SwtchBlade for the masses and next generation gaming interface, DeathStalker Ultimate is the new must have gaming accessory.

Central to the SwitchBlade interface is the dual mode touch screen LCD. The 4 inch display is able to operate as gesture aware touchpad or as an ancillary display for widgets and apps.

Nestled above the LCD display on right side of the keyboard are the 10 tactile keys with fully customizable graphics that can be programmed to perform endless in game functions.

Razer Deathstalker Ultimate, side on.

The 10 key anti-ghosting technology allows 10 assigned keys to be pressed simultaneously, improving responsiveness and allowing perfect timing. Ghosting is a phenomenon suffered by most standard qwerty keyboards, a limitation that only allows a single key stroke to be registered at a time, with any other simultaneous key strokes disappearing or ghosting behind the first. Day to day use of a keyboard is usually a very sequential exercise, one key at a time spelling your words and sentences so you may never notice ghosting. Gaming is different though, you often need to do many actions simultaneously, tasks such as moving and using a weapon for example. Anti-ghosting solves this allowing multiple simultaneous keystrokes to be registered.

Add to this 1000HJz ultra polling that checks for key strokes 1000 times a second, again improving timing and improving responsiveness even more. If the LCD screen and gaming technology aren’t enough bling for you there is also the braded cable and tri-colour backlight making this the low rider West Coast Customs of the keyboard world.

Included with the DeathStalker Ultimate is Razers customization software Synapse 2, allowing easy customization of all of the keyboards special talents. Version 2 also introduces cloud synchronization, allowing your settings to travel anywhere with you.

The only potential down side of the DeathStalker are the Chiclet style keys, some gaming purists insist on mechanical keys for their gaming pleasure.

The SwitchBlade user interface was first introduced with Razer’s Blade gaming laptop to high acclaim, and even higher prices. The DeathStalker Ultimate is the first reasonably priced SwitchBlade product that can be added to and improve the user experience of any PC it’s plugged in to.

Already available around the world, expect to pay $250 USD RRP, $349.95 AUS. The first change to the keyboard interface in decades has arrived.

Reference: Razer DeathStalker