Raylight 4D Water Projection System at the Sheraton…

Projecting images on a grand scale is becoming a standard practice, with every conceivable indoor and outdoor structure tested as a target for high powered projectors PointCloud Media dared to ask ‘What about Water?’ The question was answered in stunning style at the Sheraton Hotel Waikiki when a Raylight 4D system illuminated the hotels pools.

PointCloud Media installed 5 x 40K and 2 x 20k projectors to generate a nearly 20 megapixel image that uses the characteristics of water to great effect. It just seems so logical, an empty swimming pool at night, a projector, just add fish animations and its job done.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the spectacular results of imaginative minds, two videos that capture an unexpected illusion. Sit back, relax and let the water show begin.

Reference: PointCloud Media
Reference: PointCloud Facebook