QuadMovr, the Hyper-Speed Drone.

Humanity has learned through many years of building machines that there is now problem that can’t be solved with more mechanical power. YouTuber and extreme quadcopter enthusiast QuadMovr has taken this philosophy to heart and built one hell of a drone.

Not just fast this little drone is spectacularly fast, Formula 1 kind of fast, it just never seems to be going slow even during 90 degree turns (you will need to watch the videos in full screen just to keep the Movr in sight).

QuadMovr’s need for speed is fed by 22 volt electricity. The quadcopter is hand built using off the shelf parts and designed to work at the higher than normal voltage. The lightweight design and extra power should see QuadMovr’s drone  achieving well over 100kph flat out, some speculate a top speed of over 140kph might be possible with this hardware.

Reference: QuadMovr YouTube
Via: DIY Drones
Via: Geek