Puddles Pity Party, the Saddest Clown in the World Raises Spirits…

Over a person’s entire lifetime there are bound to be many twists and turns, a funny man once described it to me as ‘swings and roundabouts my boy’. Unfortunately many of these roundabouts lead to a turn for the worst, leaving sadness in the heart. The passing of a good friend is one such turn and it is not an easy happenstance to deal with.

In this modern interconnected world there are many cures, from medication to electrification. All variations on old themes; denial, isolation and desolation (of brain cells). But to mend a saddened heart the best medicine is still time and the kind words of a loved one. Then there is of course Puddles Pitty Party, like a modern version of the blues Puddles’ healing power is grounded in sharing the pain. Buried in the realization that this pain is in fact a shared experience.

Presented for your viewing pleasure and to help mend the sadness are some of Puddles’ most uplifting and strangely soothing tracks. While on first impressions he may seem to be a man wearing far too much makeup once he begins to bellow out a soulful song you will quickly realize there is some powerful medicine at work here. Sit back, relax and for all of those with sadness in their heart get the box of tissues ready.

Reference: Pubbles Pitty Party YouTube