Puddles Pitty Party: Where Is My Mind? and Under Pressure!

Our favorite sad clown has returned to the small screen once more to perform classic covers in the unique style that only he can. The latest video sees Puddles cover the Pixies deeply insightful and harrowing track ‘Where Is My Mind?’. While the second power ballad given the sad clown treatment is Queens ‘Under Pressure’, a soulful rendition of this classic given a slight mashup treatment. Both letting Puddles stretch his booming vocals and exercise his emotive style.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the latest performances by Puddles, the saddest clown in the world. Here at Highpants we would love to see Puddles tour Australia and ask incessantly when will Puddles tour down under. Please take a trip over the Pacific and you’ll realize how many fans you have over here. Now its time to sit back relax and let the pitty party begin.

Reference: Puddles Pitty Party (Facebook)