Project Linda, the Razer Chromebook Convertible…

Producing the perfect convertible computer has been attempted by many tech companies since the smartphone and tablet revolution began but while many have attempted it none have been able to come up with a compromise that people are willing to live with. The ability to quickly convert your portable device into a fully fledged notebook with the benefits of a full-sized keyboard and big screen still evades the smartest minds and gadget developers in the techie world.

Razer are the latest tech company to throw their hat into the convertible ring and their interpretation called Project Linda is one of the most interesting concepts yet. Project Linda has been designed to work with their Razor Phone, converting the phone into a full-sized Chromebook by simply slide the phone into the slot where the track-pad would normally be.

Once in place the Razer Phone becomes a full-sized laptop with a Razer Chroma RGB Keyboard, Quad HD 13.3 inch display, 200GB of extra storage and enough extra battery power (53.6Wh) to charge the phone 3-4 times and run for extended periods. Around the edges the laptop are a USB-C, USB-A and a headphone jack. All of this is contained within a Razer Blade style chassis that looks spectacular and weighs just over a kilo. Since the phone is docked where the trackpad would normally be it not only provides the processing power for the laptop but it also transforms into a touch screen track pad for the laptop, or it can also be used as an extra screen for any application in use.

The Razer Phone itself is a latest generation Android smart phone designed specifically for gamers. It contains the extremely powerful Snapdragon 835 chipset, 8GB of RAM, 5.7 inch QHD 120Hz display and a very large 4000 mAH battery. Some reviewers however did complain about its average camera and lack of water resistance. This doesn’t change the fact that once it is docked into the Project Linda laptop it becomes one of the most powerful Chromebooks on the market.

French blog FrAndroid is reporting that Project Linda may be released alongside the Razor Phone 2 in September at this year’s IFA conference in Berlin. Razer has yet to confirm if Project will make it to market, hence there is no release date or cost information available, at the moment.


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