The Project J-Deite Progress Report, Optimus Prime Comes to Life…

Working to bring imagination to life is no simple task but this is exactly the task chosen by the brains behind Project J-Deite, a project aiming to build a life sized working Transformer. Making the challenge even harder is their desire to create a life sized robot able to transform from a walking mech to a rolling car and able to work in both modes, no easy feat.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the progress report for the incredible transforming machine J-Deite Quarter. Sit back, relax and remember never trust a transformer until you see what he transforms into.

Wataru Yoshizaki (Asretec Corp) and Kenji Ishida (Brave Robotics) are the brains behind Project J-Deite the incredible transforming robot. The current incarnation is the J-Deite Quarter who stands 1.3 meters tall and weighs in at 35kg. In robot mode the Optimus Prime look alike is able to walk at 1 km/h while in car mode J-Deite can drive at 10 km/h.

Dreaming big the transformer team aren’t satisfied with a quarter sized facsimile, no sir the next model in the works will stand 2.5 meters tall and is still considered only half size, the ultimate goal being a life sized car that can transform.

Reference: Project J-Deite