Was Project Aurora’s Darkstar Performing Test Flights over the UK and New York this Week?

The internet is abuzz this week with tales of the return of Project Aurora, rumoured to be the next generation hypersonic jet. Resident across the UK on Saturday night reported hearing a mysterious continuous explosion sound rumble across the sky. A rumble so strong the ground shook and people scrambled for the doorway expecting an earthquake to bring the house down. Minutes laer twitter reports started coming in from as far a field as New York, reports describing a very similar sound only minutes later.

The source of the noise is being  attributed to a pulse detonation engine similar to the V-1 rockets that rained terror down on England during WW II. According to scientist Dr Bhupendra Khandelwal the sound is extremely similar to pulse detonation engine technology that he is currently working on. The modern variant of the engine is capable of powering a hypersonic aircraft passed mach 6.

This is not the first account of the strange rumbling jet sound, a sound that has long been associated with the mysterious Project Aurora. The same unusual thunderous sound has been heard numerous times before. Southern California in mid 1991 was rattled by a number of sonic booms that are believed to have been from an aircraft flying over 90,000 feet at over march 5. In 1992 Amarillo Texas resident Steven Douglass heard the deep explosive rumble now associated with Aurora, he also managed to photograph unusual donuts on a rope con trails. Even more interesting Stevens intercepted radio chatter between an AWAC aircraft (Dragnet 51) and two unknown aircraft designated Darkstar November and Darkstar Mike.


Skunk Works Hypersonic
Skunk Works Hypersonic SR-72

In 2000 Aberdeen Press and Journal writer Nic Outterside wrote a piece on stealth technology in Scotland, claiming the Project Aurora was based at and being flown out of RAF/USAF Machrihanish in Kintyre, Argyll. The two mile runway in Argyll is perfect for the experimental aircraft to safely take-off and land. Area 51 insider Bob Lazar also reported sighting the hypersonic aircraft taxiing to a runway.

The designation Project Aurora originated from a March 1990 article in ‘Aviation Week & Space Technology’ that broke news of Aurora being inadvertently included in the 1985 U.S budget papers. Many believe the designation refers to a class of aircraft being developed, not a single aircraft.

Those who report seeing the aircraft describe a black triangular craft with two vertical stabilizers and square exhaust nozzles. At over 130 feet long, this is no fighter aircraft. Flying in the rarefied air at the limit of the atmosphere Aurora is still not a space capable aircraft though, using air breathing engines limits this ability.

It looks or rather sounds like the next generation stealth fighters may just be nearing completion, able to fly around the world in mere hours this is potentially technology that puts every square kilometer of the Earth within bombing range of a single aircraft, an aircraft that can’t be shot down using current generation weapons.

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