Possible Images of the Amazon Game Controller Appear, Speculation runs rife…

Speculation of Amazon’s gaming gadget for our living rooms has today gained more weight, the release of what is said to be the game controller for Amazon’s new Android device.

As game controllers go this one looks to be designed to meet a budget, not create a revolution. The controller is very similar in design to the Ouya’s controller, and at the very least it should be dirt cheap to produce. The Bluetooth game controller has all of the right features in the right places but it somehow seems to have come from the world of Minecraft with its large blocky style.

Amazon’s plans for worldwide content domination is now be focused on our TV’s, can their Kindle for living rooms succeed?


Amazon’s unannounced gadget remains shrouded in mystery. Expected to be released in Q4 of this year Amazon are playing their cards close to their chest. Instead of making any solid announcements we are forced to make the most of the tiny morsels of information driving by the rumour mill.

The most interesting observation to come from the release of the game controller image is the idea that Amazon are building a budget focused device, if they can hit between $100 and $200 dollars things may get very interesting. The controller does tend to make us think that it is designed for a casual gaming console with a low price point.

Here at Highpants we believe Amazon are quietly crafting a device that will excel at media playback and home theatre duties while also allowing casual gaming. Amazon has the gaming world on the edge of their seats but only time will tell what they have in store for us all.

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