PlayStation Classic, the Retro Gaming Revolutions Finest…

Retro gaming is all the rage at the moment, and while Sony may be late to the retro game it has turned up to a knife fight with a 44 magnum. Mind you turning up well armed when going to war with Nintendo is not a bad strategy.

The PlayStation Classic is Sony’s latest weapon in the console wars and this mini marvel will be packing  20 games pre-loaded and ready to rumble. Only 5 of games have been officially announced thus far; Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms. The remaining 15 are the subject of much speculation and you can bet Sony will trickle feed the announcements of the remaining games to us as the release date edges nearer, building the marketing momentum. The number of wish lists floating around the web is evidence that it is already working. Here at Highpants we have just one wish, Gran Tourismo.

The PlayStation Classic proves that everything is cuter once it’s shrunken to mini proportions, the new classic is 45% smaller than the original PSX and every bit as cool. Included with the console in the tiny box are two original style controllers, HDMI cable, USB cable for power and instructions.

The story of the birth of the original PlayStation (PSX) could be a tale straight out of Japanese Samurai folk lore. A partnership forged in steel, a partnership torn apart by betrayal, and revenge that leads to the greatest console of its era.

Sony you see had partnered with Nintendo in the late 80’s to develop a CD expansion for the Nintendo Super Famicon, a legendary console in the gaming world of the 90’s. After years of development work and only a day after the announcement of the new Super console Nintendo’s act of betrayal was set in motion as they dumped Sony and went with Philips to provide the CD-Rom. A furious Sony believed that revenge was a dish best served on a shiny silver disk and so began to develop their own CD based console, this was the birth of the PSX, the original PlayStation. A console that would go on to become the first console to sell over 100 million units after its release in 1994. While the CD based Nintendo would go on to be an abysmal failure.

Scheduled to be released on December 3rd, exactly 24 years after the launch of the original, Sony are vying to take on Nintendo once more, this time in the battle of the mini retro consoles. The PlayStation Classic will sell for $100 in the states and $149.00 out here in Australia but be sure to get your pre-order in now as this mini console classic will sell out fast.

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