PlayStation Classic: The Hacks Begin, Loading Games onto the Classic…

The PlayStation Classic may only be a week old but the creativity of the hacking community has already shone through with instructions for loading games onto the mighty little console appearing over the weekend.

While many of the reviewers on the wobbly web have talked negatively about the Classic its true abilities have only just begun to be explored. Sure, Sony could have included more popular games, and made it more expensive. Sure, Sony could have updated the emulation software a little bit more but then they probably would have used proprietary software and not open source. What they did however is get a great little piece of hardware, with easily customizable software into our hands at a good price. Here at Highpants we may be the only site on the web to say it but well-done Sony.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is one of the first instructional videos that will help you bring the PSX that you remember back to life, “How to load games onto the PlayStation Classic”. You can be sure that as the community gets to know this cool retro console many of the features that are one peoples wish lists will appear. Sit back relax and prepare to get you hands dirty, this is going to be fun.