Pillars of Light, the Heavens Illuminated in Brazil…

Creating a tsunami wave of interest on YouTube is a video capturing a most unusual and unexplained phenomenon. Website HainanWeL.com released the video on the 17th of December, it has since generated considerable buzz amongst enthusiasts.

Filmed near the rural city of Palotina in the Brazilian state of Parana, the scene, a warm and cloudy afternoon looking out over the pastures, in the distance is what appears to be an immensely powerful spotlight emerging from the ground itself.

The first watching of the clip may leave you believing this is unusual but not unnatural phenomenon. These initial impressions though can’t dampen the feeling that something very strange has been captured on this video. Take a closer look; a second viewing may raise some unanswerable questions.

The first assumption to check is the beams direction. The spread of the beam might suggest bottom up light projection. With the narrowest part of the beam closest to the ground the light appears to be emerging from the ground itself, illuminating the clouds as it travels on its way to the heavens. Look closer though and you will notice that the beam is actually illuminating the tops of the clouds leaving the bottom in shadow, as if it were actually being projected from the top down.

Then there is the termination point of the light. There appears to be slight gap between the base of the beam and the ground, an empty gap where the light seems to simply disappear.

At the core of people’s thoughts though are origins, as always. Possible explanations being discussed include the light being a second sun, nibiru appearing (it seems to be responsible for everything at the moment) and chem. trails generating refraction.

Here at Highpants we wonder if the nearby Iguazu Falls might be refracting the rays from the Sun low on the horizon during sunset. The 2.7km u shaped Iguazu is second only to Africa’s Victoria Falls in sheer size and water volume, dwarfing North America’s Niagara Falls.

Our second favourite theory centres around an invisible UFO, landed and cloaked it is the invisible target of the whacky beam. If you look very closely at the video (who says a 55 inch TV is too big now) there is indeed some edge noise present at the base of the light, highlighting the edge of a cloaked object. Has the UFO run out of juice, is this an example of galactic roadside service?

Like carnival mirrors this video isn’t obviously breaking any laws of nature or physics. But there are enough anomalies here to catch your eye, drawing us in, till you realize the more you watch the stranger it gets.

Reference: HainanWeL.com

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