Paula Jo Taylor is the Viral Granny Guitarist…

The unexpected and exceptional always captures the internet’s attention and often leads to a video going viral. It seems that as much as the world loves a stereotype it also loves when stereotypes are smashed to pieces. Recently this was true for Paula Jo Taylor who was captured playing guitar at NAMM 2017 (National Association of Music Merchants) and the video went viral. Titled the ‘Viral Granny Guitarist’ the world instantly took a shining to this fast playing granny who smash stereotypes as quickly as she plays guitar.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the video that reminded us all that music is a universal form of expression and that talent is talent no matter the age, sex, hair colour or whatever generalized stereotype you wish to apply to the world. Sit back relax and prepare to enjoy the toe tapping, string slapping guitar maestro that is Paula Jo Taylor.

Reference: Paula Jo Taylor (LinkedIn)