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Paranoid Android are proud to present for you reading pleasure the latest UFO and Alien related articles from around the worlds wobbly web. After searching high and low for the latest unusual happenings and strange going on’s, we quickly realized that it has been a week of highly strange activity.

Ancient Giants the Full HD Documentary.
There were giants in the Earth in those days. A controversial subject that seems to get stranger the deeper you dig. Not only are there many ancient cultural references but there are often archaeological discoveries that seem to disappear as quickly as they are discovered.

An interesting documentary presented in its entirety press play and be surprised at the amount of evidence that suggests there were Giants in ancient times.

Prolific UFO snap captures.
Mainstream media in Australia has revealed two interesting UFO sightings articles. Josh Philip of Caboolture in southern Queensland and Rob Hartland of Perth Western Australia have been capturing unusual sightings with their trusty digital cameras. With a prolific propensity to press the shutter button both UFO spotters have collected an immense collection of UFO photo’s.

Reference: Click here for the  Caboolture UFO snapper.
Reference: Click here for the Perth UFO snapper.

The Atacama Alien and Sirius
The Atacama Alien was this week the subject of an excellent documentary by Steven Greer. Discovered 10 years ago in the Atacama desert of Chile Sirius the documentary attempts to understand the miniature alien mystery.  Sirius reveals the findings of the exhaustive investigation, covering the history and the tests to verify the tiny alien as authentic. The mystery it seems has deepened with the results proving the alien is real but contains human DNA.

Reference: Click here for the Sirius website.
Reference: Click here for the Daily Mail article
Reference: Click here for the Sirius Preview
Reference: Click here for the Huffington Post artcle

Scientists discover alien DNA, within each Us… has posted a most intriguing article highlighting recent discoveries regarding the proof of the existence of aliens, within each of us. While we are still at the very beginning of the journey to understand the human genome the mysteries are already stacking up. An interesting article that is likely to generate as much controversy as it does discussion.

Reference: Click here for the article

Family Guy Boston Bombing Conspiracy
Did the creators of the Family Guy have inside knowledge of the Boston bombings, or is this the case of the craziest coincidence for many years. Broadcast two weeks before the bombings took place the Family Guy’s Peter Griffin seems to be taking on Nostradamus qualities as he attempts to win the marathon by detonating two bombs at the finish line of the marathon.

Taking this oddity into the realms of conspiracy the blow back from the episode has reverberated around the world. Now all of the evidence of this most unusual episode are disappearing from plane sight. Clips are being removed from YouTube, and the whole situation is being called a hoax. The two scenes are in fact real, making this a hoax that really happened.

NASA data suggests greenhouse gasses cool the atmosphere?
While much of the scientific community would love us all to unquestioningly believe every fact that has a graph to back it up, questioning is a pastime we should all partake in.

Raising many questions about the reality of global warming this week a NASA report seems to indicate that Co2 actually cools the planet. Data collected by the SABRE seeming to indicate that CO2 and NO (Nitric Oxide) reflect 95% of the radiation that reached the thermosphere during a recent solar storm. Don’t read this one out loud, the thought police may be listening.

Reference: Click here for the DiscloseTV article

The UFO Hearings, what will they discover?
The Paradigm Research Group have this week started a week long hearing to discover the trith behind aliens and the government’s involvement. Trying to put pressure on today’s politicians through the public hearing. The proceedings will of course be taped and released at a later date. The NY Daily News has a brief tongue in cheek article covering the big events first day, a good read but you do get the feeling that far more pressure than this wil be required to uncover the truth.

Reference: Click here for the NY Daily News article

Creepy Entity Caught on Tape
Released to YouTube last month was perhaps one of the creepiest alien video’s to date. While only a single frame was captured by high resolution camera the close ups of the most unusual entity will make you look twice, and looking over your shoulder.

Reference: Click here for the Creepy Video

Banned UFO Documentary
Banned in 1976 Overlords of the UFO is a rarely seen treat for those interested. With many long lost photos and interviews this is a classic of the genre.  Filmed at the early stages of the modern conspiracy theory period much of the documentary is dedicated to the government’s involvement in covering up of the phenomenon.