Paper Airplane Gun V2.0, the Papercut Wars…

It’s amazing what a man with a dream and a 3D printer can achieve, take Dieter and his paper airplane firing gun for example. With nothing more than an idea and hot plastic he was able to manufacture a gun that automatically turns ordinary office paper into 120 folded and fired paper airplanes a minute.

This latest version (2.0) of his now famous paper powered weapon of mass amusement has benefited from advances in 3D printing with Telefabrik and Fortus printers put to work making precision parts. This new advanced model also features a 200 sheet feeder and far smother operation with less paper jams.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the bastard child of a photocopier and an AR-16 that’s more fun than spending the afternoon photocopying your butt. Sit back relax and prepare to go to paper war over ownership of the couch, this is the papercut wars.

Reference: Paper Airplane Gun
Reference: Papierfliegerei