Optical Illusions, the Holographic Mirage and the Making of an Infinity Mirror…

Optical Illusions are like candy for the mind, helping to quench our minds sweet tooth are two optical illusions by Brusspup. Two thought twisting visual stimulants, the Mirage and the Infinity Mirror.

Holographic illusions come in many shapes and sizes but none is simpler than the Mirage holographic illusion. Producing an incredibly realistic image that seems to float suspended in thin air, now there is a new Mirage and it’s a giant. Infinity Mirrors produce a stunning depth of field illusion that still amazes all that pass them by, interested in making your own?

Presented for your viewing pleasure are two optical illusions that will break the rules in your mind for just a minute, only for reality to snap back into place with a warm fuzzy feeling. Sit back, relax and don’t believe your eyes for a minute.

The mirascope mirage
The mirascope mirage

The internet’s favourite YouTube illusionist Brusspup has dug deep into his bag of tricks once again, this time around its optical illusions of the holographic kind.

As is with its namesake the Mirages are a purely optical illusion, in this case though the effect is produced by two opposing parabolic mirrors. Also called a mirascope the holographic effect of the mirrors is stunning and mind blowingly simple, place an object inside the mirrors and the illusion comes to life. The effect is also extremely convincing, fully 3 dimensional and visible from any angle.

The illusion itself is caused by the curve inside of the Mirage, what appears to be floating is actually the reflection on the inside curve, this reflection though also contains all of the light bouncing from every direction inside the mirage to produce the very convincing 3D effect.

Optigone have been producing the Mirages since the 70’s, starting with the smaller original models. The Giant Mirage is an entirely new addition to the range and allows larger object to be projected. The parabolic mirror effect was first noticed by a cleaner at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He had been cleaning around a stack of reflectors and noticed that he was trying to wipe up dust that wasn’t there.

Infinity mirror coffee table by Light Energy Studio
Infinity mirror coffee table by Light Energy Studio

In the second video Brusspup talks us through the construction of your own Infinity Mirror. The third video presents one of the many commercially available Infinity Mirrors, a sweet Providence RI mirror that’s also an art installation, $1500 installation at that.

Infinity Mirrors are a simple but very effective trick on our minds, the way our minds expects light to behave isn’t always the way it works. At the heart of each infinity mirror are two sheets of mirrored glass, one fully reflective the other partially reflective and some LED lights. The recursive infinity pattern is created by the partially reflective mirror letting out some of the light and reflecting back the rest to form the gradually diminishing reflection that gives a good infinity mirror that feeling of depth.

As with all illusions just be sure not to stare too deeply, you may get lost on the other side.

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How to make an Infinity Mirror by Brusspup

Providence RI Infinity Mirror


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